Enhanced AI powered healthcare platform for intensive care

About Us

Our Vision

We are aware of primary care is the key for digital revolution of healthcare.Our vision is based on making practitioners’ and patients’ life easier by analyzing and monitoring chronic conditions.We believe healthcare could be more efficient,more convenient and less problematic by focusing on physician and patient needs.

Our Technology

We use different implementation technologies and native mobile development methodologies accompanied by AI empowered, IOT integrated medical appliances. Our product development process fits Agile Development methodology. Our solutions are in mobile software which gives doctors more freedom and comfort. We also empower our solutions with machine learning processes for treatment analysis and diagnosis.

Our Challange

We have a team of distinct experts from diversified fields.As a team, our aim is to create a platform that analyzes and monitors patients to give practitioners freedom, mobility and better insights. Our challenge is making family practitioners' and patients' life easier without compromising required features,responsibilities and qualifications.

❖Our Products

❖ Appliance + Software designed for all Primary Care needs

❖ Assisting Family Practitioner with ease of use and recommendations

❖ Bluetooth enabled devices to integrated with the Platform for Vital Signs

❖ Minimizing the contact with the patient who endangered healthcare personnel in the Covid-19 outbreak

❖ To reduce the costs of hospitals with a single domestic production device, instead of converters that are manufactured abroad and purchased separately for each medical device


  • Mobile Development

    ● Development together with the Physician using Agile Methodology.
    ● Integration with Smart Medical Appliances (Blood Pressure, Heart Rate and Skin Temperature Thermometer).
    ● Application Development using Android Studio.

  • Ephesus Cloud

    ● Ephesus Cloud is based on Python Language, responsible for Process Flow,Security,Database connection and Machine Learning Execution.
    ●Ephesus Cloud can be installed onPremise.
    ●Security is a key implementation concept in Ephesus Cloud to enable controlling access information.

  • Ephesus Lake

    ● All Data received from IOT Devices via Ephesus Platform will be stored off Ephesus. Cloud, in a data repository called Ephesus Lake, patient information will be stored anonymously.
    ​● Ephesus Lake is a Data Lake, which can store vast amount of raw data, for further analysis anytime.
    ● Ephesus Lake is Based on PostGreSQL.

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